Lubricating device type IN

The lN models of LubTechnik mechanical lubricators are used to lubricate the lubricating points of various machines, e.g. compressors, machine-tools etc. They are not equipped with a lubricant reservoir.

Mazací přístroj IN
Basic technical data:
Maximum operating pressure at ports 1 MPa
Maximum operating pressure at ports on request 2 MPa
The nominal amount of oil supplied from one output to one rotatable drive shaft 0,13 ml
The volume of lubricant (each for two layers)

30 - 100 %

indicatively 0,3 - 1cm3 min-1 by speed

Gear ratios between the drive shaft and the distribution shaft  18:1, 36:1, 2,5:1, 60:1
Lubricant lubricating oils with viscosity up to 1000 m2s-1
Max. suction height / max. length of suction pipe 2 m/ 3 m
Connecting the suction pipe fittings for tube Ø 8
The connecting pipe fittings lubrication for tube Ø 4, Ø 3
Speed ​​range of the rotary shaft 3-10 min-1
The angle of the pendulum swing lever actuator 5-60°
Number of outlets 2, 4, 6,12,18
Weight approximately 2-3,5 kg

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