Lubrication equipments, Mechanical lubricators

Machines for centralized lubrication, grease nipples, grease couplings, oil gauges, barrel pumps, hand grease presses etc.

  • Mazací technikaLubricating device type UV

    Lubricating devices are designed for centralized lubrication of machines with a small number of lubrication points with grease or oil, where back pressure lubrication points back lube tube does not exceed 20 MPa. They have their own reservoir of lubricant. Ordering code example: UVB 100801, UVF 101601.

  • Mazací přístroj INLubricating device type IN

    The lN models of LubTechnik mechanical lubricators are used to lubricate the lubricating points of various machines, e.g. compressors, machine-tools etc. They are not equipped with a lubricant reservoir.

  • Mazací přístroj typ MPD 60-2 a MPD 60-1Lubricating device type MPD

    Lubricating device MPD is used for central lubrication of large machinery as a source of pressurized lubricant. When using two piping dispensers (MPD 60-2) can be used to delete a large number of lubrication points and in severe operating conditions, such as mining for lubrication mechanisms, beverage filling lines, machinery, paint shops, cement, sugar etc.

  • Rozdělovač TTZVDual-line central lubrication system

    Dual-line central lubrication systems are typically used for lubrication of machines and systems with a large number of lubrication points. Their main advantage is generally easy to handle. Distributors can be arbitrarily connected respectively. phased out.

  • Injecto-FloSingle-line distributors for oil

    Piston distributors dosed and distribute oil or grease transported cyclically or continuously operated pump.

  • Progresivní rozdělovač BVPProgressive distributor BVP

    Progressive distributor BVP share quantities transported pump in a quantitative ratio, which is determined by the distributor to more outlets. Different quantities delivered inside distributor is achieved by the association of two outlets. Each piston performs its stroke and allocates the bearing predefined amount of lubricant, before the next working piston.

  • Progresivní rozdělovač MSPMSP Modular Divider Valves

    Modular design for total flexibility. One valve assembly serves up to 16 points.“O” ring sealing throughout prevents leakage. Built-in check valves prevent lube re-entry and help keep lines full.

  • Nová položkaBarrel Pump for lubrication systems

    Piston pump EZP a robust central lubrication pump driven by an electric motor, which can be used for grease. Pump delivers lubricant through three valves to discharge principle. It can be excellently combined with progressive distributors.

  • Sudové čerpadloBarrel Pump typ PFP eng

    PFP barrel pumps powered by compressed air for dual-line lubrication system.