Single-line distributors for oil

Piston distributors dosed and distribute oil or grease transported cyclically or continuously operated pump.



Piston distributors for oil and grease

Quantity of oil or grease to each lubrication points are determined by exchangeable dosing nipple. FAD is given to the individual dispensing lubricators. Coverage of total oil consumption or plastic. Lubricants can regulate cycles lubrication (lubrication time, pause time).
According to the requirement on the amount of local conditions and the possible choice of five groups of manifolds, which are different ranges delivery and sizes.
The principle function of groups is the same, yet there are structural differences. Groups dividers can be used in one device association.
When replacing the dispensing nipple clamp body simply distributor in the mounting hole in a vise. There's also a five-ins liquid fat.

Function piston distributor


1. Quantity of oil (grease) designed for lubrication point is located in front of the piston manifold.

2. When will the central lubrication pump delivering oil (grease) moves the piston and oil (grease), located before it is transported to the lubrication point at the pressure of the main pipes from 10 to 45 bar.

3. After reducing the pressure of the main pipe to distributor piston returns to its starting position and the oil (grease plast.) fills the space in front of the piston.


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